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Kanene Academic Research Center (KARC)

GMT Emezue is a member of the Kanene Academic Research Center (also known as KARC). KARC is made up of teams of international professionals who provide supplementary support services for all types of scholarly writings both within and outside the academia. KARC is a member of the international committee on sustenance of originality in academia, thus KARC does not write or conduct research projects and thesis for her clients (some of who might be undergraduate and graduate students), but rather provides support services for her clients, while protecting their privacy. KARC also has one of the fastest turn-around time for service delivery.

KARC provides professional guides in Academic Writing:

The academic world is all about publish or perish world. With the heavy load of academic teaching, marking/grading, compiling result and conducting researches the average academic is constantly walking a tightrope of academic success or failure. No wonder many drop out of frustration. We can help you make your academic researches and academic writings become better and as such stand better chance of being published in many national and international journals. We also give suggestions and links and connections to academic journals that might find your work interesting enough for publication in their journals. We provide professional guides in:

  1. Choosing a topic
  2. Brain storming
  3. Editing of Written materials
  4. Provision of Documentation styles
  5. Implementation of documentation formats

KARC provides professional guides in Grant Proposal Writing

As the world wakes up to the realization of the importance of academic researches as means of improving humanity, livelihood and our environment, greater amount of money is constantly being spent on researches in all fields of human endeavor. For one to have access to these funds, one must be able to write an award winning Grant proposal. This is exactly where KARC comes in.

KARC provides professional Editing Services

In addition to providing English-language editorial guidance, KARC also engages in manuscript editing, polishing and proofreading. At KARC, we've found the best and hired them to be your second set of eyes. At KARC we also understand our clients’ Fiction and Nonfiction Projects.

KARC provides Research Methods Consultation

At KARC, our Research Methods Consultation forum incorporates expert support in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Qualitative research can take a number of different forms: observation, interviewing, archival data analysis, case studies, focus groups, and more. Our team provides guides on the appropriate method that suits your research objectives. KARC’s Quantitative Research methods and statistics consultants will assist you in reviewing your research ideas, and help you develop your research questions, hypotheses, research design, and data analysis plan. KARC also provides support for Coding and Analysis and Statistical Analysis. Over the years, KARC has helped dozens of clients develop their statistical methodology for quantitative and mixed-method research designs.


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