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"Black on Black: Discrimination and Segregation in the poetry collection of (African American) Neal Hall and (Nigerian) Peter Onwudinjo"


"Akachi Ezeigbo's Trilogy" (Co-Supervisor of a Ph.D Thesis).


"Costume and Dramatic Significance in Ehugbo Okunkpo Masquerade Performances"



  1. Power, Tyranny and Resistance in Chinua Achebe's Anthills of the Savannah and Sefi Attah's Everything Good will Come
  2. Performance and Dramatic Significance in New Yam festival of Ikare Akoko community in Ondo State
  3. Tragic Dimensions in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Zulu Sofola's Wedlock of the Gods
  4. Female Portraiture in contemporary Nigerian Fiction: A case study of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus and Chin Ce's The Visitor
  5. Poetic Aesthetics of Akatakpa Masquerade Chants of Oba Community in Nsukka
  6. Re-creation of womanhood in African Literature: A case study of Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo's The Last of the strong ones
  7. Stylistic techniques in Nigerian Short Stories: A case study of some selected short stories from Ossie Enekwe's The last battle and other stories
  8. Dominant Images and Symbolism in Amaozara Proverbs
  9. Idealism in American Literature: A study of Washington Irving's Rip Van winkle and Alice walker's The color purple
  10. Aesthetics and Functionalism in Adazi-Enu Folktales
  11. Self-Assertion in Nigerian Heroines: A comparative study of Zaynab Alkali's The Virtuous woman and P.K Davids' Opuliche
  12. Dimensions of conflict in Chinua Achebe's No longer at ease and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus
  13. Satire and Cultural Liberation in Okot P'Bitek's Song of Lawimo and Song of Ocol
  14. Urbanization and disillusionment in Chimanda Adichie's Half of a yellow sun
  15. Feminism and womanism in Africa Fiction: A case study of Zaybnzb Alkali's The Still born and Akachi Ezeigbo's Last of the strong ones
  16. Aesthetics and poetic significance in Iwu Festival of Ubulu-Uno community in Delta State
  17. Class struggle in a race-conscious society: A case study of Peter Abraham's Mine boy and Tell freedom
  18. Political Engagements in Chin Ce's An African Eclipse
  19. Family and Politics in recent Nigerian Literature: A study of Chukwuemeka Ike's Our Children are coming and Sefi Attah's Everything Good will come
  20. Portrayal of Educated African women in Buchi Emecheta's Second class citizen and Maria ma Ba's So Long a letter
  21. Religion and Politics in contemporary Nigeria: A case study of Chin Ce's The Three masks of Gamji
  22. Corruption and Changes in Nigerian Fiction: A comparative study of Chinua Achebe's A man of the people and Chin Ce's Children of Koloko
  23. From Innocence to Maturity: Characterization in Ngugi wa Thiongo's Weep not child and Chin Ce's Children of Koloko
  24. Betrayal and conflict in Ngugi wa Thiongo's A Grain of wheat and The river Between
  25. Transition and change in Emecheta's fiction: A case study of the Joys of motherhood and Second Class citizen
  26. Literature and Revolution: A comparative study of Ngugi Wa Thingo and Ngugi wa Miri's I will marry when I want and Chris Nwamuo's The Prisoner
  27. Myths and Legends of Mgbo
  28. Poetic Merit and Functionalism of traditional dirges of Ekoli Edda People in Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State
  29. Poetry in Performance: A study of selected birth songs and Dirges of Ogboji women in Ezza North L.G A of Ebonyi State
  30. Ecocritical study of Selected Poems from Remi Raji's Webs of Remembrance
  31. Dynamism of Art: A study of the Funeral Songs of Nawfia People
  32. Aesthetics of Marriage Songs of Ngwulangwu people of Ebonyi State
  33. Eco-Feminist Reading of selected short stories from Chimamanda Adichie's The Thing Around Your Neck


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