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FUNAI’s Language Enhancement Programme

The English Language Enhancement programme (hereafter known as LEP) in FUNAI is the brainchild of the current Vice Chancellor of FUNAI, Prof Chinedum Nwajiuba, who not only felt alarmed, but also brought up suggestions that could stem the rising rate of Nigeria’s graduate’s poor usages in English Language. FUNAI’s Language Enhancement Programme aims at developing and improving the students’ competence in various writing skills of the English Language. Conceived as a practical intensive exercises in fundamental aspects of English Language, FUNAI’s Language Enhancement Programme aims at improving the students’ skills in uses of the English Language, especially after graduation. Since reading is a fundamental aspect of vocabulary development which aids good and competent writing skills, structured reading materials and texts are introduced to students during practical sessions in the speed reading and summary writing skills.

The whole idea of the Language Enhancement Programme rests on the fundamental belief that the more students are exposed to the systemic and rigorous practice sessions and drills on English Language, the faster will their language integration be achieved through unconscious internalization of good models. This will ultimately lead to their mastery of the language.

Prof G.M.T Emezue is the leader of the technical team that provides as well as supervises curriculum and facilitators’ training in the LEP. Other members of the technical team are Dr Nnenna Nwosu, Mr Sylvanus Oko and Mr Ama Etta Agwu.


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